Our Domestic Distribution Partners


First Line Technology, LLC

First Line Technology, LLC supplies Out of the Box Solutions to first responders and the military. It prides itself in creating high-quality products that are comfortable, effective, and safe for use in All-Hazards response including the AmbuBus (Bus Stretcher Conversion Kit), PhaseCore (Heat-Activated Personal Cooling Products) and FiberTect (Activated Carbon Dry Decon Wipes).


Safety and Ecology Corporation (SEC)

Safety and Ecology Corporation (SEC) is one of the largest small businesses in the U.S., providing full-service environmental, hazardous, and radiological infrastructure remediation, and advanced construction services.


VWR International, LLC.

VWR International, LLC, headquartered in West Chester, Pennsylvania, is a global laboratory supply and distribution company with worldwide sales of $3.5 billion. VWR enables the advancement of the world's most critical research through the distribution of a highly diversified product line to most of the world's top pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as industrial, educational and governmental organizations.  


International Country Exclusive Partner - Israel:

Safe Tech Ltd. is a consulting and manufacturer representative company, with diversified activities in Safety Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Risk Management,

Instrumentation and Gas Technology:

• Design and Supply of Gas System Hardware and Components
• Supply of Fixed and portable monitoring systems for gases and vapors
• Gas Technology applications for food products (CAP, MAP)
• Supply of Non-ionizing Radiation survey instrumentation
• Supply of Toxic Gas Scrubbers and filling materials
• Supply of RADON gas monitoring instrumentation
• Supply of Process analysis instrumentation
• Supply of Waste Water Treatment plants instrumentation

POB 222 Carmiel 20101, Israel, http://www.safety.co.il

email: safetech@zahavnet.il Tel: 972-4-9585789; Fax: 972-4-9986331

Mobile/Cell: 054-4666879


International Partner - UK

Southern Scientific Ltd.

Southern Scientific has been introducing quality North American products to British and European markets for 25 years with experience and expertise in physics, engineering, electronics and software Southern Scientific sells solutions for detection and monitoring of nuclear radiation. Southern scientific is trusted by nuclear, medical, research, military, security, environmental and other workers to answer their questions and fulfill their needs.


ADP Gel Products - Austria         ADP GEL - Apply Dry Peel Products

ADP Gel ist autorisierter Händler von CBI Polymers und vertreibt in Europa alle CBI Polymers Apply-Dry-Peel Produkte wie Decontamination Gel und PRESTÓR Gel.

ADP Gel Products, Kesslerweg 11, A-2345 Brunn am Gebirge, ÖSTERREICH
E-Mail: office@adpgel.com; http://www.adpgel.com