Blue to the Rescue!

Use straight out of the container for best results. Depending on the decontamination gel container, apply by spraying, brushing, or troweling the material on the surface allowing for adequate coverage. For rougher surfaces, you may need to apply a second coat. Allow the gel to dry and peel. It’s that easy.

If you wish to use DeconGel as a fixative just apply and let dry. DeconGel is water based so allow for adequate temperature and airflow to get the best results.

  • Cleans smoke stains off your fireplace without making a mess.
  • Removes mercury from grout, concrete and other moderately porous materials.
  • Going to make a mess? Put DeconGel down before and have an easy clean up.
  • Oily substances are no match for DeconGel. Apply, dry, and peel. Your job is done!

DeconGel in wet or dry form can be disposed of through normal waste streams without regulation. However, it must be noted that the dried decontamination gel and the contamination removed and encapsulated in the gel must be disposed of accordingly by local and state regulations.

Have anymore questions regarding the use of DeconGel? Check our FAQs page for more answers.