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DeconGel Provides Radiological Decontamination Technology to Japan in Wake of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Crisis

Honolulu, Hawaii, April 12, 2011- CBI Polymers Inc., the Honolulu-based innovator of DeconGel nuclear decontaminant, will join the broad-based philanthropic effort to help with the crisis in Japan by making a donation

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US Company’s Unique Decontamination Technology Used In Japan to Remediate Fukushima School Campus

Honolulu, Hawaii, Aug 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — CBI Polymers Inc., the U.S.-based innovator of DeconGel® nuclear decontaminant, announced today the collaborative effort to remediate radiation from the campus of the Asahimachi Baptist Church and Little Lamb Kindergarten in Fukushima, Japan, in a project CBI Polymers calls

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Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Crisis

“The deployment of DeconGel® to Japan is extremely timely and I can see multiple scenarios where it will assist in the technical solution to the current crisis and the subsequent clean up,” sa...

Fukushima School Campus Decontamination

Fukushima School Campus Decontamination

“Many of the fondest memories of childhood come from outdoor places and activities. This cleanup gives our children back their outdoor playtime, not only a basic joy but one critical to successfu...

Hungarian Disaster Relief

“The results were dramatic,” Harrison said. “You could see the sludge encapsulated in the gel and the treated areas appeared to have removal levels of between 75 and 90 percent with just a si...