Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Crisis

“The deployment of DeconGel® to Japan is extremely timely and I can see multiple scenarios where it will assist in the technical solution to the current crisis and the subsequent clean up,” said Admiral Thomas B. Fargo USN (Ret.), former Commander of the U.S. Pacific Command.

“We are all very concerned with the situation in Japan and there has been a broad based effort to provide assistance,” stated the Honorable George R. Ariyoshi, former Governor of the State of Hawaii (1973-1986) who lauded the donation of DeconGel®. “I am extremely proud of the fact that a technology invented and developed in Hawaii will be making a difference to help our close friend and ally during her time of great need.”

Fukushima School Campus Decontamination

Fukushima School Campus Decontamination

“Many of the fondest memories of childhood come from outdoor places and activities. This cleanup gives our children back their outdoor playtime, not only a basic joy but one critical to successful childhood development. We appreciate the work of CBI Polymers and the donation of DeconGel.” Headmistress Tamiko Kokubo

Cham Dallas, Ph.D., a radiation mitigation expert and Director of the Institute for Health Management and Mass Destruction Defense at the University of Georgia, oversaw the application of DeconGel® nuclear decontaminant and removal of radiation for the project. “DeconGel provides the unique capability to encapsulate radiation, making removal more efficient, while minimizing the opportunity for the radiation to spread,” Dallas said.

Hungarian Disaster Relief

“The results were dramatic,” Harrison said. “You could see the sludge encapsulated in the gel and the treated areas appeared to have removal levels of between 75 and 90 percent with just a single application.” Deputy Mayor Laszlo Kovacs, “It is impressive to see a company like CBI Polymers stepping forward to assist with the clean-up and relief efforts in Hungary,” added John Holman, Director of the Pacific Islands for the U.S. Commercial Service (USCS). “Within hours of the incident, they had reached out to see how they best could provide assistance. I have been impressed with the capability of DeconGel® and believe it may contribute significantly towards creating a safer environment for the people of Hungary.”